We make lunch

and dinner and team snacks too.....


It's that simple. You are tired of making lunches every day, and - through no fault of your own - your children are tired of eating the lunches you make. Then there's the cafeteria you don't feel particularly great about. Let WellMade make them lunch, and you can take a few days off. We will provide your kids with tasty food that is also good for them. If everyone is happy, you can take a lot of days off.

I am a mom of three boys, so I know what I am talking about when it comes to the task of getting everyone happily fed. I come to this with a lifelong love of cooking and interest in food (yes, who's not interested in food?). And I am a registered dietitian. Look at the menu and see what sounds appealing to your child. WellMade knows young kids like what they like and can be picky eaters and we think there is something for everyone. Or even something new for someone who's up for it.

Each day we deliver we'll offer two choices for a main item; one will always be vegetarian. Plus three sides and they're all set. You order in advance and lunch is delivered to your doorstep by 7:45am.  Easy!

WellMade also offers affordable, family-friendly, nutritious dinners and Team Snacks. Menu choices rotate weekly and special requests are always considered. 

Things we're keeping an eye on: 

  • Balanced nutrition, always avoiding packaged foods, added sugars, fats, salt.
  • Making sure we have fun, tasty and appealing options for young eaters.
  • We only use the freshest ingredients to make your children's lunches. If a fruit your child was expecting in his or her lunch was swapped out for another, that means the intended item didn't meet our standards that week.
  • Of course, all sides such as muffins, trail mix, granola, dips and dressings are also made from scratch.

We can do all these things.

For questions or to place an order please email us directly at katie@wellmadeprovisions.com 


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