Week of October 15th

9/15 Monday

  • Rigatoni Salad (mozzarella, spinach, red onion, cherry tomatoes) with or without chicken

  • Maple Muffin with Oat Streusel

  • Sliced Cucumbers

  • Almonds and Tart Cherries


Chicken Gumbo served with Mixed Greens, Cornbread and Honey Butter (48)

9/16 Tuesday

  • Fajita Style Quesadilla (Vegetarian) or Fajita Style Chicken Wrap

  • Tortilla chips

  • Clementines

  • Snickerdoodle


Mexican Chopped Salad (chicken, black beans, tomato, jicama, corn, radishes, avocado, bell pepper, feta cheese) served with Honey Lime Dressing , Tortilla Chips and Salsa (45)

9/17 Wednesday

  • Turkey Meatball Sub Sandwich or Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana Sandwich

  • Carrot Sticks, Radishes and Celery Sticks

  • Mixed Fruit Cup

  • Halloween Themed Trail Mix


Fall Vegetable Curry served with Cashew Basmati Rice and Mixed Greens (45)

9/18 Thursday

  • Grilled Cheese or Grilled Ham and Cheese

  • Tomato Soup

  • Potato Chips

  • Apple

no dinner

9/19 Friday

  • Giant Soft Pretzel (cinnamon sugar or with salt)

  • Cheese Cubes

  • Mixed Nuts

  • Sugar Snap Peas

no dinner