Week of May 14th

5/14 Monday

  • Mediterranean Couscous Salad with or without chicken
  • Pita chips
  • Almonds and Dried Tart Cherries
  • Apple 


Vegan Lentil Sloppy Joes served on soft sandwich buns with sliced avocado; mixed greens (43)

5/15 Tuesday

  • Sub Sandwich (turkey, salami, shredded lettuce, provolone cheese, onions) or Hummus, Arugula and Olive Tapenade Sandwich 
  • Salt and Vinegar Chips
  • Strawberries
  • Oatmeal Cookie 


Taco Tuesday (12 lean ground turkey tacos, shredded lettuce, cheese, tomatoes) served with Mexican Rice, Homemade Tortilla Chips and Guacamole (42)

5/16 Wednesday

  • Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwich on Raisin Bread or Cream Cheese on Raisin Bread
  • Mixed Berries
  • Trail Mix
  • Cut Veggies


Tahini Marinated Chicken Thighs/Breasts served with Greek Salad, Brown Rice (45)

5/17 Thursday

  • Chocolate Chip Banana Granola Parfait or Ham, Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sandwich 
  • Snap Peas
  • Scone
  • Mixed Fruit Cup


Thai Crunch Bowls with Salmon (quinoa, carrots, bell pepper, cabbage, edamame,  Sesame Peanut Sauce.)  Served with mixed fruit bowl. (50)

5/18 Friday

  • Bacon Apple Cheddar Grilled Cheese or Grilled Cheese
  •  Potato Chips
  • Watermelon
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie


Grilled Flank Steak served with an Arugula, Radicchio and Fennel Salad, Baked Potato Wedges and Mixed Berries (55)